My birthday present

I managed to convince my homeowner’s association to allow me put an antenna on the roof, so I assembled it today (which just happens to be my birthday). I also have one on the third-floor balcony. Maybe I can call it a work of modern art!


Since the rooftop is flat, and I don’t want the future expense of a damaged roof, I used a Rohn FRM166 non-penetrating mount.


With the concrete blocks as ballast, the mount (like the X-50 antenna) should be good for winds up to 130 mph — faster than what’s been recorded in or around Boulder.

The antenna is about 30 feet up on a townhouse which sits at about 5630 feet above sea level. Unfortunately, given the hills behind my house, my HAAT turned out to be negative. The antenna does have a great view north, east, and south, though.