D-ATV support for the Milo event at CU

This past Wednesday CU hosted the controversialist Milo Yiannopoulos, a week after his visit to the University of Washington produced violent protests. We had about 150 protesters show up, but the excellent security team kept things safe and running.


BCARES provided two camera teams around the Math building, one on the roof and one on the ground. Given our location on the southeast corner of the building, the ground transmitter had to run on high power (3 watts) to bounce a signal off the nearby buildings and west towards the stadium antennas. Thanks to the new 20 Ah LFP batteries we got last fall, that was not a problem.

Presenting D-ATV to BES

Last week I gave a presentation and demo to the Boulder Emergency Squad (BES). They operate drones (“unmanned aerial vehicles” or UAVs) for county emergencies, such as swift-water search and rescue efforts. One issue they have is downlinking the video from the drone. We discussed how digital ATV could be used to backhaul video from the drone pilot/controller to a command post some distance away. This is needed because the drone pilot must have a line of sight to the drone, and so may have to move some distance away from a command post.

The presentation was largely the same as the one I gave last fall to the Arapahoe County ARES group.