One more antenna

This year I put up another antenna in the attic, an end-fed 10/20/40-meter Horizon tri-band from down under (Bushcomm).


It’s just over 50 feet in length and just fits the attic running east-west down the centerline of the house. The 50-foot coax feedline acts as a counterpoise, then runs through an isolator in the attic and down a wall into the shack.


The antenna’s bandwidth is a little tight at 40m, but good at the frequencies I need for Winlink HF packet (SWR under 1:1.4 around 7.1 MHz), and reasonably flat at 20m (under 1:2) and 10m (under 1:1.5):

Today I made contacts on 40 and 20 meters to two different Winlink stations.

So now I have a total of four working antennas under one roof, including two X50s for VHF / UHF and one 70cm yagi for digital ATV. They all come down through one wall to my office on the main floor.


On top is a two-radio go box with an Icom 880H and a Yaesu 857D; below it is the portable D-ATV repeater which can also be used as a TV transceiver (note the video camera set up on top for input).